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Telefonica Digital: the answer to the 3 Mega-Trends

(By Rafa Mompó, Area Director Working Adults)

Javier Sanz-Blasco, our part-time professor in the Master’s Program in Telecommunications that the UEM provides to post-graduate students, was telling me how quickly the world has changed since the times when he finished the MSc in Telecoms, 15 years go.

The 3 mega-trends (Internet of Things, Mobile Internet and Cloud) are now about to make the most of the Big Data applications that are springing everywhere. Who would have guessed that one of the main suppliers of franking machines (yes, yes, the old traditional postal service!) is behind the Location Based Intelligence services that Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter use?

This year Javier took a new role in Telefónica Digital (@tefdigital). Interestingly this is not what the Telefonica brand means to most of the Spanish nationals. TEF Digital was formed in September 2011 to go beyond fixed and mobile connectivity, and to harness new opportunities in this new digital world. Far from Madrid, the Digital business is headquartered in the vibrant city of London, with regional hubs in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Israel.

TEF Digital brings together all the areas of Telefónica that have been focused on innovation, from R&D through to venture capital, digital service development and global partnerships. The unit expects to create annual revenues of approximately €5bn for Telefónica by 2015 with an annual revenue growth rate of 20%, as well as driving considerable additional benefits to Telefonica customers.

The arrows that Telefonica Digital is bringing in this new quiver are amazing. “Smart Steps” for example, Telefonica’s Big Data offering, is now able to anonymise and aggregate mobile network data in order to provide extrapolated trends about footfall by time, gender, and age. This will help companies and public sector organisations to make better informed decisions, reduce costs through increased efficiency, and better understand and serve the needs of your customers.

I am also very impressed with Instant Severs, Telefonica’s Cloud proposition, that offers almost-instant computing power and storage capabilities.

I look forward to hearing the new lectures that Javier will give in 2014, in this subject ‘Mercados de la Convergencia’. Last year we talked about a Business Case for the expansion of an American operator in Eastern Asia. I suspect that Javier will adapt the Business Case with a taste of the 3 mega-trends.

Bring it on!

Javier Sanz Blasco






Photo: Javier Sanz-Blasco in the Vibrant City of London


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