Thesis Direction
  • 2015 (expected June). Contribution to the development of people´s and companies’ competences for the design and integration of high complex architectures in aerospace systems (PhD Candidate Bernardo A. Delicado Trapero)
  • 2014. Contribution to the application of collaborative methodologies and new technologies to working adults´ long-life learning (Dr. Miguel Doctor Yuste) Download…
  • 2009. Contribution to the development of a support tool for the incorporation of information and communication technologies to small and medium enterprises (Dr. Javier García Díez)
  • 2005. Contribution to the development of innovation models for small and medium companies in the information and communication technologies services sector (Dr. Juan Vicente García Manjón)
  • 2003. A proposal of corporate network architecture and its application to public administration re-engineering (Dr. Angel Rodríguez Moreda)
  • 2003. Contribution to the study of the quality of service of Informacion Society applications over HFC networks (Dr. Luisa María Regueras Santos)
  • 2002. Systematic study on hybrid fiber coaxial network preventative maintenance and the performance of Internet aplications over HFC networks (Dr. Hung Nguyen Chan)
  • 2001. Information and Communication Technologies for evaluation models in virtual spaces of knowledge promotion (Dr. Blanca Rodríguez Pajares)
  • 2001. Contribución to the study of cable and radio broadband Access networks. A proposal to modeling uplink and downlink channels in HFC networks (Dr. Belén Carro Martínez)
  • 2000. Contribution to the definition of a model for telemedicine services planning  (Dr. Juan Pablo de Castro Fernández)
  • 2000. Integration of the History space and the Information and Communication Technologies space (Dr. Jesús Calabozo Morán)
  • 1999. e-Learning as the cornerstone of high education and long-life learning in Castille-Leon region (Dr. María Ángeles Pérez Juárez)
  • 1999. The application of Internet as a new space of education and communication for primary and secondaryeducation (Dr. María Jesús Verdú Pérez)
  • 1998. Study of cablemodems as a infrastructure for Information Society services and for the new cable television networks (Dr. Eva Parrilla Escobar)
  •  1997. Contribution to the design and optimization of VSAT systems (Dr. Andrés Subert Semanat)
  •  1995. Advanced telecommunication systems for Castille-Leon region (Dr. Judith Redoli Granados)

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