My history

E-LEARNING RESEARCH (1995-2006). We began to research in e-learning in the early days of this technology (1995). The research team was always interdisciplinary, that is, a close relation between engineers and education specialists. Some relevant results of this activity are three doctoral theses, one spin-off, and an e-learning platform.

BROADBAND NETWORKS AND SERVICES (1993-2001). In this research we collaborated with the regional government in the promotion of innovative Information Society services, and with a cable operator in the introduction in Spain of the novel hybrid-coaxial technology and broadband systems like cablemodems. The research was completed with several early broadband e-business, tele-medicine and e-learning pilot projects. Relevant research results are seven doctoral theses.

RADIOFREQUENCY SYSTEMS (1986-1993). My Doctoral Thesis (1993) was a Trellis Code proposal for the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting, which was developed in the framework of the European RACE project that defined the standard. From 1986 to 1992 I participated in several research projects around antenna design and satellite digital communications systems, mainly for the European Space Agency and the Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT, under the direction of my professor and friend Miguel Calvo.


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