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‘Gamers’ instinctively ‘get’ the idea of lots of trials, lots of errors, as fast as possible; for this reason among many, ‘the revolution’ is/will be to a very significant degree led by youth.” (Tom Peter`s weekly quote)

“Learning is the ultimate accomplishment of every human being. And virtually everyone is motivated to learn. … As a result, managers should see their primary task as creating de facto learning labs on the job.” (Tom Peter´s Weekly Quote)

“Most of the hierarchy found in the traditional firm must be eliminated, and the walls between functional staffs must be destroyed. You can’t move fast, no matter how good the systems are, if turf fights among functions are the norm, and if even routine decisions must be processed through numerous layers of bureaucracy.” (Tom Peters´weekly … Continue reading

“Systems and organization must be state-of-the-art, but on a day-to-day basis, people who are on, or very near, the front line must have the requisite skills and be unequivocally empowered to act”. (Tom Peter´s weekly quote)

“Vendors and distributors … must become full-scale participants in the firm’s strategic decision-making, and in day-to-day decisions on execution as well” (Tom Peters’ weekly quote)

“The truly “hard stuff”—are the relationships with, for instance, our customers and our own people.”  (Tom Peters´ weekly quote)

“To deal with the most likely future employment scenarios, leaders will have to be masters of the liberal arts—said arts are … the determinant of responding to the emerging world.” (Tom Peters´ weekly quote).

“To achieve matchless quality, management must be emotionally attached to the product and must pass on their enthusiasm to every employee, distributor, and supplier—as well as customer.” (Tom Peters´ weekly quote).