BITBIT ARTICLES- “JOVENES PERFILES” SECTION (2004-2008). BIT is the magazine of the Spanish telecommunications engineers association. I was in charge of a section called “young profiles” which was devoted to fostering young engineers’ entrepreneurship character and other soft-skills such business management or sales and marketing abilities.

  • Ingeniería Técnico-Comercial en HP (Technical-Commercial Engineering in HP). An interview to three HP Sales University graduates.…read
  • Sector Transformador de las TIC. (IT Transformation Industry) Profession trends for “user sectors”.…read
  • Business Angels. To prepare for being an entrepreneur…read
  • Cada Producto Tiene Su Mercado (A Market for Each Product). To know the market for the entrepreneur…read
  • 40/40/20. Flow state and emotional intelligence…read
  • Conquistar Nuevos Mercados Innovando. (Innovation for Conquering Emerging Markets). Market-based innovation needs entrepreneurship culture …read
  • Mileurianos. Technological opportunities for IT entrepreneurs in Spain…read
  • Wei Ji. Spanish industry is facing hard times; my young engineers are the opportunity …read
  • Hazle Caso al Maestro. Put a professional reference in your live.…read
  • Tecnical Marketing Engineer (TME). Discover this cool professional profile.…read
  • Business Manager Junior. Discover this cool professional profile. …read
  • Los Ingenieros Doctores. Spanish companies need more doctors in their
  • Los Angeles de Cabello Blanco.Angels with white hair.
  • ¿Qué quieres ser de mayor? What do you want to be when you are older?
  • El eslabón perdido. Digital contents value chain …read
  • Búscate un mentor. An article by mi friend Javier Sanz. Mentoring in your company …read
  • ¿Debería estudiar un máster? Options for long-life learning …read
  • La fuga de los jóvenes cerebros telecos. The value of young engineers for emterprises …read
  • Ingenieros telecos de la convergencia. A new professional profile for young telecom engineers …read
  • Tu comportamiento en la empresa. The four competences of the enterprising engineer ….read
  • An Internet forum for discussion about telecom professional matters …read
  • Chicas teleco rebeldes, ingenieras para la crisis. A professional profile for leadership …read
  • Nuevo perfil competencial del ingeniero. The education companies are expecting  for young engineers … read
  • La estrategia en dos cafés. A couple of tricks for strategical marketing thinking …read
  • Tu primer empleo, en UK. Your first job in UK …read
  • Outplacement. What to do when you are looking for a new job …read
  • Puedes ser el profesional que quieres ser. An article by mi friend Patricia V. García. The job history of a young enterprising engineer …read


  • ¡Qué viene el Séptimo de Caballería!. Here comes the 7th U.S. Cavalry!. Revista Madri+d. …see
  • Don´t curb your enthusiasm (2010). The Chartered Institute for IT (formerly known as British Computer Society), … read
  • El Príncipe que despertó a la princesa de las telecomunicaciones (201o). COMPUTERWORLD …read

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