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Since I finished my marketing and commercial master in the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School, in 2002, I began to research on the ways to introduce novel telecommunication products into emerging market segments, as for example the small and medium enterprises market. Our working hypothesis is that an entrepreneurial orientation of business strategies facilitates this goal. We are also involved in such objective  oriented to bridge the digital divide in underserved regions, mainly in emerging countries.

Today, I perform this research in co-operation with my wife, who is now a teacher at University, but prior to her current position she worked as a commercial and marketing consultant for several years. This practical experience is an invaluable contribution for our current research objectives.

Our research standpoint is both technological and commercial (marketing)… and also “Education Technology”.

Regarding Education Technology we are now committed to developing specific e-learning tools that facilitate self-learning and team-learning ,  and also develop those working and behavioural  skills that an enterprising engineer should have.

We wish to contact other researchers interested, and active, in this field.


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