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The entrepreneur professional walks through objectives beyond any obstacles… but minimizing risks. The entrepreneur attitude should be understood, put into value and fostered. In order to match entrepreneurs, both young and senior, with resources:

Young entrepreneurs need valid references (persons and institutions) as well as resources. Senior entrepreneurs need to meet young entrepreneurs in order to go into new challenges.  Finally, resources need entrepreneurs, both young and senior.

Business Angels are individuals, or institutions, that provide entrepreneurs and innovative projects with their professional experience and their relationship networks. They usually provide seed capital, but this is not their main duty. Thus, it should be distinguished between business angels and venture capital investors, since the latter, in essence, only provide equity capital.

Business Angels should be determined to establish a long term relationship with entrepreneurs and also should accept that the benefits of getting through to an entrepreneur are harvested also in the long term.

No doubt, the best is that Business Angels get togheter in projects, and keep in touch to share their interests.

I am willing to keep in touch with professionals and other organizations that are, or are willing to be, business angels.


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