First professional years: R&D backing for the emergent Spanish high-tech industry. In 1986 I met Miguel Calvo, “my professor”, from whom I learned his entrepreneurship style for facing new challenges, always innovative, as well as the satisfaction for joining R&D projects together with enterprises. He gave me all the freedom (and all his patience) to explore my professional wishes… but also a place to “come back home” when those adventures finished. I was very lucky.

My 30´s decade: From Delor´s white paper to the dot-com bubble. In 1993 I joined Valladolid University, as a teacher, (and soon got married and two children), as well as strongly collaborate in the telecommunications and Information Society construction of Castilla y Leon region. I worked very closely with regional government, local industry and university managers. As a result, for example, Castilla y Leon was the first region in Spain to have a cable operator, that is, the first alternative operator to the PTT Telefonica. A collection of selected and motivated people, from several institutions and enterprises collaborated in the achievement of many challenges, in fact, almost miracles.

Reinventing my profile: Technology and business. In January 2001 the telecommunications industry slipped into recession. In my opinion the cause for that cataclysm was that Information Society industry seemed not to have faced properly its market. Thus, beginning in July 2001, I expended a whole year in the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School, in a kind of “sabbatical year”, learning marketing and business…. and reinventing my professional profile.

Universidad Europea de Madrid (Laureate International Universities). From 2007 to 2014. Fantastic… One of the best professional times of my life. It was the right place to prepare my next stage. I worked for that company on a full-time basis.

Freelance… for the next 20 years!. Now I have the experience, the knowledge, the emotional intelligence, the support of my family… Better now than when I was twenty-five!


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