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That little ‘SEND’ button: improving our communication skills.

  By Javier Sanz-Blasco As I transitioned from the Communications & Collaborations marketplace into the Cloud SaaS industry, I reached out to many of my former managers and senior colleagues to catch up, look back to the years of working together and get some insights that we all need to be aware of. Today I would like to … Continue reading

Ride the 4th Wave: Edge Computing

 By Javier Sanz-Blasco Let’s flashback to 1999, when I moved from Madrid to London with the help of a paper plane ticket. 5 years later, in 2004, one in every five flights had an e-tickets. By 2008, almost every ticket used by all air carriers worldwide was an e-ticket.  This is just an example. Technology … Continue reading

Telefonica Digital: the answer to the 3 Mega-Trends

(By Rafa Mompó, Area Director Working Adults) Javier Sanz-Blasco, our part-time professor in the Master’s Program in Telecommunications that the UEM provides to post-graduate students, was telling me how quickly the world has changed since the times when he finished the MSc in Telecoms, 15 years go. The 3 mega-trends (Internet of Things, Mobile Internet … Continue reading

International jobs for young engineers

Working in the UK. This informacion is provided by my friend Javier Sanz. New graduate positions are rewarded with 18K-25K and about 30-35K for 1-3 years of experience. Not in € but in UK currency. A good web page for searching a job in the UK is http://www.jobserve.com My friend Pilar Gomez Cañibano (now working … Continue reading

Wireless pipes are coming…

(By Javier Sanz-Blasco) So… Is it going to be finally a big fat pipe, over wired or wireless? Web 2.0 supporters and normal subscribers (my dad and my mum!) have been demanding them (fat pipes) for a long time. As a residential customer, I do not want to use the homepage of Stratheden Telecom. (Stratheden … Continue reading

MNVO Fever

(By Javier Sanz-Blasco) Mobile Virtual Network Operators are the latest twist in the strategy of many Service Providers who missed the 2G and 3G wagon a few years ago… Not only Service Providers, other corporations (Carrefour, The CarPhone Warehouse, Disney, 7-Eleven, ESPN, Tesco, Virgin, Wal-Mart…) have launched MVNOs over the last few years trying to … Continue reading

Voice: Still a Traditional Service?

(By Javier Sanz-Blasco) At the beginning of June I attended VON Europe Spring’07 in Stockholm. 4 days full of social networking, analysis, sharing and discussions regarding where the world is going with regards “voice on the network”… or at least the telecomms world. Actually, it was not “just voice”… Fixed-Mobile-Convergence, Business Models, Services, Applications, Access, … Continue reading