What I teach

Information Technology for SMEs. To understand SMEs in order to apply technology more efficiently for improving enterprise competitiveness. We also pay attention to the new 3G opportunities and an introduction for the new telecom paradigm: network and service convergence through all-IP networks

Marketing Plan for the Telecommunications Industry. Guidelines for product positioning in telecommunication markets.

In-Company Courses. My speciality is to teach marketing and business to engineers, as well as to introduce them in the amazing world of the technical-commercial enginering, all with respect their job needs. When the course finishes I can collaborate as a coacher, if the company wishes.

Marketing for entrepreneur businesses. I am very glad to organize courses for young people who are interested in being entrepreneurs and in learning the entrepreneur character.

Antennas. From 1986 to 1992 I worked hardly in antenna design and satellite communication systems. Those days I reached to  the conclusion that there is a gap between the knowledge and vision that was taught at university, and the actual understanding of antennas that a telecoms professional needs.  Now, fifteen years later I have the opportunity…

Engineering Communications Skills. This is my new subject for 2010. First year students… They are going to learn not only traditional communication but also novel means of communication like.

silverrunlogoBusiness Intelligence. Information systems modelling… and how to sell, set up and execute such projectss.  We use SILVERRUN as modelling computer tool.


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