How should my students work

Case method . My subjects have a strong practice component that is based in the case method. That is, you can better internalize what I propose you to learn in each chapter, if you perform a business simulation or solve a practical case.

Team Working. Case method also requires a lot of team discussion… as in real life. Please, try to not disappoint your team colleagues.

Discuss with the teacher. I am here to discuss with you. I am available for you almost 24×7. I read your e-mails in a continuous way and , if I am not on-line, I try to connect and read the forums several times in the day… In August I am also available for you, except from a period of 10 days a year which is my “no-computer-week”… to detoxify…

E-learning tools. Use them for your communication purposes whenever it is possible. Thus, your learning will be more efficient.


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