Very special entrepreneurs for me

alechipALECHIP. Alex Fernández took advantage of his  final year project to start up ALECHIP : All for electronic games lovers. The key factor of his business model success is that it was the first on-line shop for those products that offers a neighbourhood-like service. See some customer coments.

AGRICULTURE AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Jaime Gómez Gil is both an engineer, a farmer and a paradigmatic researcher and teacher at university. He invents things that are internationally sold (AGROSAT). Javier Santana  (he was one of my most special and enterprising students) and Jaime are partners in this invention. Now the system has evolved… Watch this…  By the way, Jaime, thank you very much for considering me as one of the authors of the AGROSAT patent; I am really honored…. and there are many others that are very special too. Most of them have their business plan prepared and will emerge when their time comes. You can do it!

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