Do this gymnastics

If you wish to culture your entrepreneur nature, you can do it while working in any job, by doing the following gymnastics. In fact, entrepreneurs and business angels are destined to get together, since the time to become the former or the latter can arrive suddenly. Thus, it is convenient to be ready.

Here is a gym workout for the youngers to keep in good entrepreneur condition:

Be a thinker and develop your ideas. When an idea arrives to your brain, write it and then enrich it (little by little) with your friends’ opinions, your informal market researches…

Make your tenacity grown. A well-known entrepreneur characteristic is “to follow until the end”. Apply this way of thinking to your current work: This is a good training for you and, besides, your company and the customers of your company will be grateful.

Networking. Take time to keep and to extend your professional relationships. This is the best way to find high-quality candidates (or partners) for your future projects. Moreover, this will be good for you in order to carry out your current job more efficiently.

Public relationships. Try to cooperate with your company’s efforts relative to promotion and selling. This will be the best training to get the ability for selling your ideas to strangers , which is essential for getting venture financing.

Some aspects on innovation

Ideas should be innovative.

Remember that innovation can be given in three aspects:

  • product (design, technology…)
  • process
  • commercial

It is not necessary that ideas are very special, since ideas only need to be innovative to become the foundations for a valid market positioning.

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