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Sell your idea in 8 minutes

(Rafa Mompó)

When our students make the presentation of their final graduation project we propose fixing the presentation time to 8 minutes, which is the maximum interval in which your audience is opened to accept a new idea.

Well, it seems that only seven minutes are necessary to fascinate a headhunter. Are you looking for a new job?


Moreover, this year we are widening the professional communications abilities of our students.

The plan is to reproduce in a one-day workshop the professional environment in which modern engineers work today.

All of our students should be producing the following communication material for that important day:

– An eight-page brief, oriented to peers (engineers)
– A three-page professional brief, more media-oriented
– A professional poster that will be exhibited in the main hall of our building

An unforgetable day that you can share with friends and family…

Hey! People from enterprises. Yes… you who are always looking for youth talent… Do you want one of my students? Call me…


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