Javier Sanz-Blasco, Post, Telecom Professionals

International jobs for young engineers

Working in the UK. This informacion is provided by my friend Javier Sanz. New graduate positions are rewarded with 18K-25K and about 30-35K for 1-3 years of experience. Not in € but in UK currency. A good web page for searching a job in the UK is www.jobserve.com

My friend Pilar Gomez Cañibano (now working in France) also says that in other European Union countries there are better quality jobs than in Spain. She says that perhaps one has better to begin to work “from the bottom” (even if it is in the hotel industry) and then applicate for better positions. since to demonstrate that one lives in the country and knows the system is very advisable (be fluent with the language, use a local mobile phone number…)


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