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ARTCUBE: Merging art and technology, or technology and art?

This is one of the most amazing things I have found in my new job at the European University of Madrid – Laureate International Universities.

ARTCUBE is a novel proposal lead by one of the professors of my department, Lino García Morales, who is an engineer as well as an artist. His hypothesis is that artists, engineers, architects, and communication professionals could work together on inter-disciplinary projects towards the creation of pieces of art in the novel “digital sculpture” discipline.

My first impression was that ARTCUBE proposed just a new way of making art, but now I understand that it is more than this; ARTCUBE is a vehicle for the instilment of Information Society in the depth of citizens minds and also a breakthrough way of educating young audiovisual telecoms engineers both on their creative soft-skills and also (and more important to me) on their understanding of the digital contents business approach as the engine of those new telecommunication products and services that should change the way people understand the world and their lives, forever.

The technical approach of ARTCUBE is quite straightforward: to create elementary bricks (signal processing hardware and software elements, which are called art.cube ), and to define interfaces and rules that these art.cubes will be using to interact (

From the engineering education standpoint, ARTCUBE is a very powerful tool. For that reason we are now launching an initiative that will offer our students the possibility of developing trans-disciplinary final grade projects in our new ARTCUBE laboratory facilities. I love my new university, which is so opened to education innovation!

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