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Co-opetition is the word

 Last Thursday I attended a political meeting in Brussels about the European Space Area (ERA), which is the current framework of the R&D European policy.Commissioner Potocnick (responsible for Science and Research) began the meeting saying that now the competition is with China, and that Europe is (in terms of R&D) a “team of stars” but not a “star team”.A cold sweat ran through my body…. As most of you (my friends) now, my family is learning Chinese, because some years ago we envisaged exactly what Potocnik asserted.Judith and I think that maybe competition is not the word, but co-opetition is. Indeed we are preparing a family journey to China in July 2009, to see a total eclipse of the sun, as well as Judith’s to build a bridge between the University of Shangai and the University of Alcala.

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